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Compliance & Planning

Tax services

The challenge: simultaneously minimize both tax burden and compliance risk.   Tax compliance and tax planning are one of the most challenging – and crucial – aspects of managing any client. Tax expense is a significant factor in both annual and long-term performance. Compliance continues to present an ongoing risk.
Our tax services team brings a team of experienced professionals dedicated to the complex and ever changing landscape of Federal, State & Local income tax matters. From long-term planning to short-term cash flow management, we provide our clients with a comprehensive, proactive approach to the challenges and opportunities inherent in tax and all its complexities.
Winbridge Partners works with Individuals, Corporations, Qualified Settlement Funds, Partnerships, & Trusts of all sizes.


Winbridge Partners provides a customized approach to tax compliance and planning. Minimizing your tax exposure while complying with the complex rules and regulations is a primary focus. Our process includes  reviewing your personal and or business needs and plan in advance a path to avoiding the complex tax traps you’ve heard of or have experienced in the past.

Increased Savings

Through a variety of tax planning tools, gift and charitable contribution programs and planned timing of income and deductions, we reduce your tax burden and help you to reassign your wealth in the way you prefer it be preserved.  Our tax services team continuously monitors federal, state, and local tax law changes to allow our clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities. We pay close attention to tax consequences and marry our approach with your estate, counsel and legal advisors, resulting in savings and better cash management.

Experience That Counts

In addition to minimizing exposure and maximizing wealth preservation, our tax services team offers decades  of experience with federal, state and local tax requirements, including expatriate and international tax filings, specific to individual, corporate, private investment funds and partnerships, fiduciary and foundation tax compliance.