About Us

Our Story

Who We are

Winbridge’s story began in 2007.  What started out as a home office concept for high net worth individuals evolved into a full-service, back office accounting, administration, and tax solution for private investment funds and operating companies.  With an unparalleled commitment to client service, our team is dedicated to moving our clients forward. Our co-founders realized that building the right back office team tailored to each of our clients helps eliminate their administrative burden and provides them the opportunity to focus on their own growth.
We connect with you.  We move forward with you.

What we do

Driving value for our clients is at the core of what we do.  By alleviating the operational burden for fund managers, we provide you the opportunity to maximize portfolio value by spending your time raising capital, sourcing deals, and managing portfolio companies.

Client Centric

We work to help our clients move forward.  Supporting and spurring their growth defines our success.



Set a conversational tone.  Provide guidance with a friendly demeanor.  Build a trusted network of individuals and organizations.  Ensure clients know we have their best interest in mind at all times.


Share Knowledge

Build and share knowledge.  Share with clients, prospects, team members, and other service providers.


Long-Term Approach

Establish and build long-term relationships.  Approach introductions and conversations with the intent you will still be working together in ten years.



Do what you say you will do.  Be reliable - always.



Everyone has different business needs and goals.  Adapt your approach to help people succeed no matter the circumstance.